Oakland Raiders Should Help High School and College Students During Offseason

Pep Talk and Encouragement to do Community Service

The Oakland Raiders inspired a professor to do research in 2007.  Admittedly, 2007, 2008 and 2009 were not very successful years for the Oakland Raiders.

In 2010, the future was beginning to look bright.  Ups and downs, wins and losses are all a part of the process to move toward excellence.  A shift from a 5-11 record to a 8-8 record was encouraging but not as good as some of us desired.

On a Friday in 2010, Atty. Pete, former U.S. Naval officer Mr. Larry and I went to a private high school, Christian Life Center, in Houston, Texas to make a motivational speech.  The presentation was set up by Atty. Pete, a graduate of Harvard Law School, who presently teaches mathematics.

Atty. Pete is fascinated with the research this Bleacher writer has done in sports and mathematics, focusing on the Oakland Raiders and a few retired NFL players.  He too keeps up and cheers on the National Football League teams.

It just goes to show us that simple things can often get the attention of brilliant and great men like Atty. Pete who himself was a valedictorian at a New England area high school many years ago.

When asked if he was the valedictorian of his Harvard law class, he chuckled and did not answer.  He did, however, make reference to President Obama who served in a leadership position of the Harvard law school publication.

Being honest about the "ups and downs" of moving toward excellence is a good lesson for outstanding athletes in high school or college who aspire to play professional sports some day.

You win some games, as the Oakland Raiders won three consecutive games in the 2010 season—you lose some games—as was witnessed at the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders.  Yes, the Raiders lost on Nov. 21, but don't forget that in 2009, they defeate...

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