Oakland Raiders’ Season Looking Grim after Loss to the Dolphins

I am, and always will be, an Oakland Raiders fan. Despite the taunts from fans of other teams wanting to know how I can stand to be a fan of the Silver and Black after so many losing seasons, or questioning why I don't start following their team simply because they are winning, even if the Raiders end up at 0-16 this season it doesn't change the fact that I am a Raiders fan.

I had high hopes, perhaps too high, during the offseason with the new regime under general manager Reggie McKenzie and head coach Dennis Allen. 

It appears that those who said it could be years of rebuilding before we truly see that "new era" rise may be right. 

Is the problem Carson Palmer? That certainly might be part of it, but it's not everything. Today against the Miami Dolphins, not only did their defense make mistakes that made them look like they were last year's team, but the offense in general has looked pretty horrific.

Darren McFadden, one of the league's premier running backs, is healthy this season. That should have meant great things, but between the two games so far this season, he's attempted 26 runs for 54 yards and has a 2.1 yards per carry average.

Is it offensive coordinator Greg Knapp's play-calling? He's certainly not becoming a fan favorite by any means. 

Does the blame fall on the new head coach, Dennis Allen? Right now, Hue Jackson is looking like the better man for the job to many fans, and there were more than a few who were disappointed when McKenzie fired him in January. 

No matter how you look at it, and no matter where the blame is placed, there is no doubt that there is little to be positive about this season. Many considered the Miami team to be the worst in the NFL, and the Raiders were soundly defeated, 35-13. 

Unfortunately, the schedule just gets tougher from here.  

Still, I would rather be a Raiders' fan on their...

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