Oakland Raiders Schedule 2014: Win-Loss Predictions for Every Game

For an active offseason for the Oakland Raiders to pay off, they have to start winning games. Since opponents are known way in advance, the 2014 schedule release just sets dates and times. Of course, that doesn't stop the NFL from turning it into an event with plenty of hype.

Things like travel, the bye week and even start times can have an impact on the outcome of games, so a schedule can still be very important. While some schedule impacts will not become clear until more time has passed, there is still plenty to glean from when the Raiders might play a particular opponent.

Teams may be incomplete at this point in the offseason, but they are complete enough for educated guessing. Save a few surprises every year, it's not that hard to predict how a team like the Raiders will fair against their opponents within the framework of the 2014 schedule.

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