Oakland Raiders: Rumored Flynn Trade Says a Lot About Future in Oakland

Today is not a good day for the Terrelle Pryor bandwagon.

As CBS Sports is reporting, Oakland is on the verge of acquiring Seattle backup quarterback Matt Flynn for an undetermined draft pick.

So what does this mean for Oakland?

Well first and foremost, if the trade is completed, Carson Palmer can hang up his silver and black jersey for the last time. After rumors surfaced indicating that Palmer refused to take a $3 million pay cut, Palmer all but sealed his future in Oakland by forcing management to move on without him.

Immediately following that bit of news, people assumed that one of two things would happen: either Oakland would draft Geno Smith from West Virginia in next month's draft, or the reins of the franchise would be turned over to Terrelle Pryor.

Whelp, turns out both camps were wrong.

By potentially acquiring Flynn, Oakland General Manager Reggie McKenzie is making more than one statement about the future of the Raiders franchise.

For starters, as many insiders have indicated for a while, the team doesn't have a lot of confidence in Pryor.

Secondly, it means that Oakland likely won't be drafting Geno Smith come April. Then again, Seattle acquired Flynn last year and proceeded to draft a gentleman by the name of Russel Wilson in later rounds, so who knows.

But what about Flynn?

Well we don't have to go back very far to remember when the 27-year-old out of LSU was a hot commodity last summer. Of course, his stock rose meteorically after a game in 2011 in which he threw for 480 yards and 6 touchdowns against Detroit.

Remember also, however, that Reggie McKenzie was a member of the Green Bay front office during Flynn's tenure there, so one has to assume that McKenzie knows exactly what he's getting in Flynn.

Is Flynn a franchise quarterback?

It's hard to say yes to this question, although I don't think it's out of th...

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