Oakland Raiders Rookie QB Derek Carr Finds Himself in Ideal Situation

He might not have been a first-round pick, but Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr might find himself in the best situation of all rookie quarterbacks heading into next season.

Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater were all selected ahead of Carr in the first round.

Carr, selected in the top of the second round, and No. 36 overall, might be allowed to sit, learn and develop unlike those other guys selected above him. 

Carr steps into a situation in Oakland in which Matt Schaub is the clear starter heading into next season.

Bortles sits behind Chad Henne on the depth chart right now with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bridgewater heads to the Minnesota Vikings, where Matt Cassel is seen as the starter, and we've all heard Johnny Manziel is emphatically listed as the backup to Brian Hoyer with the Cleveland Browns. 

Of all of these situations, Carr might find himself with the most difficult path to start games as a rookie, assuming there are no injuries. 

That's not a bad thing because he finds himself with the most experienced veteran quarterback to learn from, as well. 

Schaub is also guaranteed $8 million in 2014, per Spotrac.com, which, financially speaking, makes him the starter as well. 

Whether it's because quarterbacks are more "pro ready" coming out of college now, or simply because franchises want to determine if they've found "their guy" quicker than in the past, young quarterbacks aren't given the same amount of time to sit and wait before being thrown into the fire. 

For some, being thrown into the fire before they're ready isn't a good thing. 

Last year the top two rookie quarterbacks drafted, EJ Manuel with the Buffalo Bills and Geno Smith of the New York Jets, combined to go 12-14 and complete just 57 percent of their passes, with 23 touchdowns and 30 interceptions....

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