Oakland Raiders Rewind: WR Jerry Porter vs. Denver Broncos CB Champ Bailey

It wasn't too long ago that the Oakland Raiders defeated the Denver Broncos, 59-14, in an astonishing blowout that left the Denver stadium filled with crying fans. It was a great game for the trillions of Oakland Raiders fans around the globe.

The Oakland Raiders set a historic record for both franchises, but this article is actually going back to a WR who played well for the Oakland Raiders and his name is Jerry Porter.

There are many fans in the Raider Nation divided on the ethics of Jerry Porter; however, for this writer, he was a good WR and played well with two Hall of Famers, Tim Brown and Jerry Rice.

The Oakland Raiders for decades have played tough against their AFC West rivals but in particular the Denver Broncos and their star CB Champ Bailey will be brought into the spotlight.

Champ Bailey always seemed get an interception against the Oakland Raiders and whenever WR Jerry Porter was brought into the game; well, he simply made the Champ look pretty wimpish.In fact, Oakland WR Jerry Porter was unstoppable for the future Hall of Famer, Champ Bailey. Jerry Porter had both size and strength to outplay the Broncos CB and to get the wins for the Silver and Black.

Jerry Porter's career was nowhere near the length of Champ Bailey. In the seven years Jerry Porter played (2000-2007) for the Oakland Raiders he was simply to aggressive for Champ bailey. Actually he was tough for most CB in the NFL at that time.

 During the early 2000s, the Tennessee Titans were also a force and Jerry Porter simply demolished the Titans. Although it had nothing to do with Denvers rivalry, it was a joy to watch as Porter turned on the juice and helped the Raider get into the Superbowl by manhandling the Titans.

Jerry Porter, over an eight-year span gained 3,939 yards and made 30 TDs. Not bad at all.

2004 was the pinnacle year for Jerry Porter, as he scored nine TDs an...

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