Oakland Raiders’ Reported Interest in Vince Young Doesn’t Mean Anything Yet

The Oakland Raiders are reportedly interested in free-agent quarterback Vince Young this offseason, according to various sources around the league.

Pro Football Talk reports that the Raiders have contacted the two-time Pro Bowler about a potential workout and that discussions are at a preliminary stage.

Key word there being "preliminary."

This isn't a deal that's on the verge of taking place this free agency, and it certainly isn't a deal that the Raiders are desperate to complete this season.

The reported interest that Oakland has in Young is simply that, interest, and it shouldn't mean anything more than that. Young doesn't appear likely to be lining up with the silver and black anytime in the near future, with the Raiders likely to do a lot of work before bringing the quarterback on board.

If they were to bring him on board, that is.

Young's fall from grace—having originally been selected as the third overall pick by the Tennessee Titans in the 2006 NFL draft—truly is an incredible story, one that last saw him play a snap in 2011 for the Philadelphia Eagles as a replacement for the then-injured Michael Vick.

Last season, he didn't even make the practice squad for the Buffalo Bills, who cut him only three months after his arrival in preseason. Yes, the 6-10 Bills.

Granted, the former AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year has made significant strides toward rebuilding his reputation in the National Football League, with AOL Sporting News reporting that Young sent an apology letter to St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher for how he acted in their time together at Tennessee.

But even then, it's unlikely that any team in the NFL will end up offering Young a spot on a roster for the year ahead, let alone a starting position.

Not even Oakland, where Young's arrival (if that transpires) would likely still see him back up Ca...

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