Oakland Raiders: Remember the Great Raiders and Their Lives after Football

Today was a special day. I remembered the struggles of the earlier generatioin of Oakland Raiders who did not attain a level of financial success after their NFL careers.

Sometimes, the younger generation does not know, nor feel the pain of an earlier generation. I, however, believe that there is a continuum in history. What earlier generations accomplished, in my opinion, helps to build or strengthen the foundation for future generations.

We are connected. So, when great men like George Blanda, Jack Tatum and many others made history, the history sets in place an expectation and standard for future generations of Oakland Raiders.

In a few days, Passover will start. From what I have learned from my friends, it is a time of remembrance. It is a time to remember deliverance and achievements, among other things.

Here is an excerpt::

The word translated “remember” (zah-khor) means more than merely recalling something past, but suggests actively focusing the mind upon something in the present. But what are we to “remember?”

In the context of the history of the Oakland Raiders and of NFL football and also during a time when the lockout negotiations are slowly being debated, let us remember the great ones of the past. 

During this time that delicate issues are being resolved, I thought it would be respectful to remember.

Yes, let us remember so many men who helped, to make the Oakland Raider franchise what is was, what it is and what it can be.

Get your stone and place it somewhere in remembrance of some of your favorite players.

To remember the contributions of the senior players is to recognize the historical continuum of which so many of us have enjoyed and respected.

Go Raiders! Write new chapters in history. Also, may you flourish and be healthy once you enter a life after professional football....

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