Oakland Raiders: Reclaiming the Franchise’s Glory and Honor in 2011

Let's take a good look at some of the selected top performance years of the Oakland Raiders in the category of yards of total offense. Here is a table, showing the yards of total offense in each game during the selected years:

year opponent Raiders won yds of total offense 1960  Broncos yes 532   1964  Broncos yes 637   1968  Bengals yes 604   1968  Dolphins yes 542   1968  Chiefs yes 539   1969  Bengals yes 544   1975  Saints yes 523   1977  Chiefs yes 539   1996  Chargers no 553   2010  Seahawks yes 545    

Next, I computed the mean and median of the Oakland Raiders' data:

yds of total offense   532     637 x xx 604 x xx 542     539     544   xx 523     539     553   xx 545   xx 555.8 mean   543 median    

One observation is that the yards for total offense in 1964 and 1968 exceed both the mean and the median of the data. Those were very strong years for the Oakland Raiders, according to this measure.

The data for performance in this category shows outstanding accomplishments in 2010 and in 1969. It's impressive that 2010 has data in this category that is close to the data of 1969. It indicates that things are moving upward.

There is an impressive list of players who helped to distinguish the Oakland Raiders during those selected years and in the selected category. They are:

Art Powell Billy Cannon Charlie Smith Fred Biletnikoff Warren Wells Tim Brown James Jett Napoleon Kaufman Darrius Heyward-Bey Marcel Reece Darren McFadden Hewitt Dixon Pete Banazak Mike Siani Morris Bradshaw and others One observation is that Fred Biletnikoff and Warren Wells were cited multiple times in this list compiled from an article on www...

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