Oakland Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor Misses Big Opportunity Thursday Night

Oakland Raiders coach Dennis Allen has yet to name a starting quarterback for the team's season opener against the Indianapolis Colts on Sept. 8. So Thursday night against the Seattle Seahawks was a big opportunity for Terrelle Pryor, who's fighting it out with veteran Matt Flynn for the starting quarterback position. Pryor finished the game 3-of-8 for 31 yards and an interception, also adding 48 yards on the ground on just three carries. 

While Flynn continues to deal with a sore arm and has been unable to practice, Pryor had an opportunity to step up and earn the starting position with a solid performance, but he failed to make that decision clear for Allen. While Pryor still may get the starting nod, he could have made that decision much easier. 

Coming into the game on Thursday night, Pryor had completed 14 of 24 passes for 190 yards, adding one touchdown and one interception through three preseason games. He had also rushed the ball 11 times for 83 yards, with a touchdown on the ground as well. 

But Pryor looked inconsistent at best against the Seahawks, and that inconsistency is what made Thursday night a lost opportunity for Pryor. 

Below are two plays from Pryor and the Raiders offense against the Seahawks.

This first play shows the natural athletic ability that Pryor brings to the Raiders offense. It's the kind of game-breaking ability that could propel Pryor into the starting position. Because while Flynn may be the veteran with more experience and a better natural passer (with a healthy arm), the Raiders offense isn't as explosive with Flynn under center.

In this first picture, you'll notice the Seahawks bring six guys on the blitz on third down. 

As soon as Pryor gets to the top of his drop (right foot planted), he sees the blitz, and before he even considers throwing it down the field, he takes off runn...

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