Oakland Raiders: Prototype Wide Receiver Gave a Test For 2011

A Pep Talk, A Word of Wisdom

When you are under a tough professor, it is like being under a tough NFL coach, like what we expect Hue Jackson to be.

Sometimes you are given a quiz by your professor or coach. This BR writer took one today, and there is room for improvement.

The senior Oakland Raider from the Golden Triangle in Texas showed me many NFL football players' cards. He had my full attention. 

Then the questions started. He told me, after I failed the test which did not come up to his standards, that I needed to do more homework.

He gave me a list of players to study. Then, he said to check back with him in two weeks for another test.

I thought to myself, "My old college friend is getting ready to coach me to another level of excellence, He is still sharp and brilliant. He loves the Oakland Raiders."

Here are a few names on the list he gave me:

Peyton Manning, quarterback

Brandon Marshall, wide receiver

Eli Manning, quarterback

Aaron Rodgers, quarterback

Eric Dickerson, running back

Tony Romo, quarterback

Terrell Owens, wide receiver

Rashard Mendenhall, running back

Tony Dorsett, running back

Randy Moss, wide receiver

Adrian Peterson, running back

Frank Gore, running back

Marion Barber, running back

Ricky Williams, running back

The retired prototype wide receiver is going to coach me in preparation for the 2011 season.

Am I there yet?


He is a tough taskmaster; requiring focus, attention and excellence in describing the moves and attributes of the NFL players he listed for me to study.

The list is long, I've got to go now. 

I've got to do my homework so I can make a better grade on the quiz he is going to give me...

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