Oakland Raiders Preseason: Week 3 Stock Report

Here’s the final report on a series of findings outlining the ups and downs in the first half of the Oakland Raiders preseason.

We’ve examined the disappointments and the pleasant surprises, and now it’s time for stock reports on five different players.

Many readers have asked about the status of certain players who didn’t appear in the two previous reports.

Some of the following players have played well, but they didn’t register as a surprise, personally. And some players haven’t played well, but only due to a lack of opportunities via play-calling or depth-chart positioning.

A pair of Raider Nation fan favorites made this list, but they’re headed in two very different directions. A pair of offensive linemen also projects contrasting outlooks. A candidate for the primary backup role at running back takes a slight lead over the competition.  

In the forthcoming slides, you’ll get an idea of who’s climbing the stock charts and who’s getting lost in the shuffle.

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