Oakland Raiders: Please Don’t Even Think About Plaxico Burress or Tiki Barber!

The media is always at it. The media always wants to publish a story that the fans will bite on. Even if it has to stretch the truth or fabricate a story all together, it loves to publish things that, like I said, fans will bite on.

Recently it was reported that Plaxico Burress will get released from prison sometime this summer. Now I know the Raiders could use a veteran presence at WR, but Burress is not the guy for the job. He was already on the downside of his career before he was sent to prison for shooting himself in the leg.  

He also never was a sure-handed WR. I know he made some plays during the Giants' Super Bowl run, but I believe his best days are long gone and the Raiders shouldn't even bother taking a look at Burress.

Another NFL headline this past week was that former Pro Bowl RB Tiki Barber is planning on making a comeback in the NFL. He was a great playmaker for the Giants, but at the same time was a "me first" type of guy, and a lot of the current Giants that were teammates with Barber don't even want him back on the squad.  

Like Burress, Barber's best days are long gone. He's been out of football for six years now. I'll admit Barber was in his prime when he left the game and was producing at an All-Pro level. However, I don't think he can return to form and help the Raiders in any way.  

There are plenty of options for a veteran WR instead of Burress. As for Barber, the Raiders can find tons of players that can offer what Barber would be able to. Bottom line is that the Raiders don't need either one of the former New York Giants.

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