Oakland Raiders’ Playoff Hopes Take Critical Hit in Sloppy Week 13 Loss

Oakland Raiders safety Charles Woodson told local reporters that Sunday’s game against division-rival Kansas City Chiefs carried a playoff aura.

Woodson’s description explains exactly why he took the loss like a kick in the gut. According to San Francisco Chronicle writer Vic Tafur, the 18-year veteran defined his most recent defeat as one of the toughest to accept. 

The Raiders stood one quarter of smart, instinctive and productive football away from knocking the Chiefs out of a playoff spot and keeping their own hopes alive.

As a team, Oakland did enough in the first three quarters to beat Kansas City soundly.

The run defense held the opposition to under 100 rushing yards. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce only caught two passes for 42 yards. Although Kansas City’s No. 1 wideout Jeremy Maclin found holes in the pass defense, he didn’t score within the first 45 minutes of the contest. 

Furthermore, quarterback Derek Carr took care of the football and spread his targets among wide receivers and tight ends for the first three quarters. Running back Latavius Murray gave an early boost to the offense.

As the Raiders marched down to the Chiefs’ 33-yard line in the fourth quarter to potentially take a two-possession lead, it all unraveled. 

A flurry of interceptions and a missed field goal put the Raiders on the backburner as another team with potential for next season. It stings more so knowing this young team had a legitimate shot at bucking the learning curve and sneaking into the postseason as a contender. 

The feeling in Woodson’s stomach symbolizes the aching reality of finishing the season with nothing to look forward to after 16 weeks of sacrifice.

Nonetheless, like any game for the Raiders, there’s excellence, a silver lining and a black cloud.

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