Oakland Raiders: Players with Most to Prove in 2nd Preseason Game

For the Oakland Raiders, the preseason opener was an opportunity for everyone to get their feet wet. The starters saw some time, but not much. After that, everyone one else in uniform had some opportunities to try to make a good impression. It was basically a trial run for the entire team.

But in the second game, the stakes are going to be much higher for everyone.

Now that the coaches have had an opportunity to see the players in action against an actual opponent, it's time to start making some tough decisions. The Raiders have to pare down the roster from 90 men to 75 in less than two weeks, so the time is now to start deciding who's staying and who's going.

While it's the coaches who'll make the decision, the players are the ones who'll actually determine who makes the final roster. Really, it's a simple process, as head coach Jack Del Rio summarized, via ESPN.com's Bill Williamson: "Guys that do well get more, guys that don’t do as well get less. It’s really pretty cut and dry. We’re going to want to look at more of guys that do well and do good things with the reps they get."

This was part of Del Rio's response when he was asked about wide receiver Brice Butler's impressive performance in the first preseason game, but it applies to every player on the roster. Guys who play well will make the team. Guys who don't play well won't.

It's up to the players to make the most of the opportunities that they're given. Here's a look at who has the most riding on their performance against the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday night.

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