Oakland Raiders: Players to Watch Monday Night vs Denver Broncos

As Monday Night Football approaches, you can feel the autumn wind breeze. The Oakland Raiders are coming off their most productive season in 2010 and are now trying to prove it was not a fluke. As fans, optimism has never been higher. You can feel the silver and black in your blood boiling for a Bronco beat-down on the national stage. It doesn't get much better than this moment right now.

The Raiders had some offseason losses and some preseason struggles, but we still feel as if this team is on the verge of a playoff berth, and we all know that if you can get into the playoffs, you have a chance for that championship ring. How great would it feel for the Raiders to open the 2012 season as NFL champs and have Al Michaels announce that game. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but revenge would be sweet.

Regardless of how this season ends, if the Raiders are going to make a playoff push, they are going to need key players to step up and be a legitimate impact for the team, and their auditions start on Monday Night Football.

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