Oakland Raiders: Parody of Struggle or Epiphany of Victory on 10-10-2010

How often would you see numbers like 10-10-2010 or 10-10-10? How often might you be surprised by a victory of the Oakland Raiders over the San Diego Chargers?

If that victory occurs on Sunday, October 10, 2010, it will be an ephiphany, a wonderful, uplifting surprise.

It's been a struggle in 2010. Our question is when will the wins begin? Our nerves are wearing thin!

The parody is that pulling for the Oakland Raiders over the past seven years has been somewhat like pulling for a person addicted to alcohol, during the time when he repeatedly goes out on the streets during binges.

We hope. We pray. We plead for them to break addictions. I am referring to the alcoholics in my surroundings.

Only when they become sick of themselves and hit rock bottom do they tend to think of a way to rise above their addiction.

It seems the Oakland Raiders have been addicted to losing and somewhat comfortable with the condition. Our hope is that they get thoroughly sick of themselves. They must start winning on Sunday, believe it or not!

Oh yes, there have been some improvements but not enough to win games consistently.

Nevertheless, we expect a win on Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010.

You just might wonder how they feel about themselves after each loss, especially in 2010 when most of us really believed that things were going to change.

I am still hoping. I just can't believe this journey is going to end with a string of losses.

So, here I go again, saying "Go Raiders! Snap out of it, and get sober."

Don't continue in a "drunk state of mind."

Get sober and win!

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