Oakland Raiders Pain May Lead To Gain in Future Games

I know your hopes were high. Then, you may have had a tumble, down from the sky to "down here on the ground."

The game between the Tennessee Titans and the Oakland Raiders was painful to watch. The only thing that can be said is that the pain experienced by witnessing the loss by 25 points is hopefully the "labor pains" before a new birth and new life emerges for the Oakland Raiders in 2010.

A survey of the point-difference between competitors on Sept 12 yields the following  results. The victors are in bold.


MIA 15 BUF 10   5

DET 14 CHI  19   5

CIN 24 NE    38   14

CAR 18 NYG 31  13

ATL 9 PIT 15      6

CLE 14 TB 17     3


DEN 17 JAC 24  7

IND 24 HOU 34   10

ARI 17 STL 13    4

GB 27 PHI 20     7

SF 6 SEA 31      25

DAL 7 WSH 13   6

MIN 9 NO 14       5

OAK 13 TEN 38  25

Of all of the teams that played on Sept 12, two teams had a point difference of 25 points. The Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers loss each of their first game of the regular season by 25 points.

The modal value for the point difference was five points. The games having a five point difference between competitors and victors had the following winners: Miami, Chicago, and New Orleans.

The game with the smallest point difference was the one betw...

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