Oakland Raiders: Offseason Strategies to Fix the Offensive Line

This offseason, the Oakland Raiders have taken a similar approach to free agency to what they did last year. They are focusing primarily on their own free agents keeping them happy and in the Silver and Black.

Now, a lot of that could be due to the uncertainty around the collective bargaining agreement and the free agency period that may or may not begin. Regardless, the Raiders have recognized their need to keep the core of their players for the near future.

Some, however, may believe that unlike a year ago, the Raiders may be returning to their overpaying ways.

The Richard Seymour deal, in my opinion, was well worth it—not just because of his production on the field, but also his leadership off it. Seymour made many players across the defense play a whole lot better. You reward that type of presence, and owner Al Davis has done that.

Next is Kamerion Wimbley with the franchise tag. Many are of the opinion that the franchise tag should have been placed on Pro Bowl tight end Zach Miller.

If I'm not mistaken, Miller is a restricted free agent, meaning whatever team offers him a deal, all the Raiders have to do is match it. Keeping Miller is going to be a bit easier, as I doubt there are many teams that are willing make Miller the top paid tight end. It makes sense for the Raiders to franchise their leading sacker in 2010.

Stanford Routt's deal, I believe, is the biggest head scratcher. I believe that he has been the only re-signing that has been overpaid. Routt's play in 2010 was probably the most productive in his career, so he did deserve a pay raise—but maybe not up to that caliber. Routt's value is only as good as Nnamdi Asomugha being next to him. I just hope the Raiders recognize that. I'm not sure Routt can be the No. 1 corner.

For the record, I still believe Asomugha can be a Raider in 2011 and the future. But now it gets a whole lot more difficult.

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