Oakland Raiders News: Will Coach Tom Cable Get Fired Before Raiders Bye Week?

The Oakland Raiders face the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday and big changes are being made.

The Raiders are starting Bruce Gradkowski over newly acquired Jason Campbell and it is only week three in the NFL season. The quarterback situation was a mess last season and many fans were sick and tired of poor play from the position.

Now, quarterback musical chairs is back on and this can't be good for the team. I believe the Raiders didn't make a mistake by trading for Campbell, but they may have made a mistake by declaring the starter right away.

Many fans felt Gradkowski did enough to at least receive consideration from the Raiders coaching staff to compete for the starting job.

Coach Tom Cable didn't think so and immediately proclaimed Campbell the starter. Now three weeks into the season Campbell is already benched, bringing into question Cable's decision making abilities.

This move was done to better the offense and give the Raiders the best chance to win, but why wasn't this done or considered during the off season? Sure they said it was talked about, but actions speak louder than words.

No action like that was taken or even talked about when Gradkowski was having a great preseason.

The Raiders received plenty of praise for adding Campbell during the off season, and now he is on the bench and according to him he isn't allowed to talk to the media about the situation.

This is a team that had all off season to get their act together and already during the season they are making drastic changes.

Hue Jackson took credit for wanting to play Gradkowski, and now many members of the local media are wondering if he'll be taking Tom Cable's job soon as well.

Cable can't afford to lose many games before the Raiders bye week, or it could become Cable's bye bye week.

Indecision and losing are a quick way to get fired, especially if you work for A...

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