Oakland Raiders: Never Tell Me The Odds; Sometimes Even Vegas Has a Bad Day

Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans.

If you read into this game much over the last week, the guys in Vegas would call it Houston by four.

Fair, considering the Texans have only lost to the Cowboys, last week, while Oakland had three chances to win and lost by one to the Cards.

But, considering that Oakland has a track record of trashing odds, why not just let the two teams go out to win?

Someone has to make money off this habit.

Yahoo.com is a fun site to trash. Their imitation of sports  tries to make out their "experts" to be people you can trust to know it all, when in reality, they have a combined IQ that might make three digits...maybe.

Last week, all four experts felt Oakland was going to lose the game. It would have been fun to hear what they would have said if Oakland had won. Blame game? The old statement, "the Raiders didn't win, the Cards lost"?

As it was, about 62% felt the Cards would win...no speculation of course if the Raiders would lose big, lose small or even send it to overtime. For the Raiders, keeping it close, could be looked at as a good thing. Most people, including Yahoo Sports, probably didn't even give the Raiders a chance after the Rams' game the previous week.

So, going into the game tomorrow, what do the pundits say?

Right now, 92% feel the Raiders have no chance. Again, all four are picking the Raiders to go down; even playing in Oakland; even if Andre Johnson does not play; even if the Texans have no secondary.

Almost makes you wonder if those four guys have some secret knowledge leaked to them. Is it all a scam?

Lastly, there was a game of mention years ago when the Raiders were not supposed to have a chance. They were playing a team that had just set the NFL season record for points, had won the Super Bowl the previous season, and were playing with a part time quarterback.


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