Oakland Raiders Need War Horses on the Playing Field Like in the Past

Once you survey the NFL data, you realize that there are some absolute performance records that have never been broken or even matched. Speculations and surface observations are not suitable for the times we live in. Sportswriters need to recognize the facts and study the global and local data which stands up to the test of time.

For example, Tim Brown has been a Hall of Fame finalist for three consecutive years. He spent most of his career with the Oakland Raiders, spanning from 1988 to 2003.

In 1997, Brown had 104 receptions. The total yards for those receptions was 1408, and his average was 13.5 yards/receptions. Brown was definitely a war horse on the playing field. His record reminded me of another war horse who preceded Brown. His name is Warren Wells, a 69-year old retired wide receiver whose career was loaded with intensity and integrity.

The definition of intensity, in my opinion, is the high percentages over a career of five years or less. In order to have a bit of comparability, let's look at the first five years of Brown and Wells' careers. For more balance, Bob Hayes' data was added to the analysis.

Keeping in mind the definition of intensity, we see that both Wells and Hayes had extremely high production in the early stages of their careers. In the 21st century the coaches tend to give a player or wide receiver a couple of years to develop into a masterpiece.

Nonetheless, Wells and Hayes made big plays in the early stages of their career.Their percentages are very high during the first five years of their career as players on the NFL playing field.

Brown Wells Hayes 16.9 10.5 21.8 8 23.2 19.3 14.7 21.5 20.4 15.4 26.8 17.2 14.1 21.7 18.7 Brown had longevity and his numbers are impressive. Overall, Brown had an illustrious and consistent career over a long time period. The research shows that the average length of an NFL career is about 3.5 years so a career of four or mo...

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