Oakland Raiders Need To Study The Videos and See More Football Dynamics


One way an Oakland Raider can educate himself and learn the game better is to look at film. It's a part of preparation and doing the homework that is necessary to know the game and to improve.

Recently, mathematicians and others celebrated "sports and mathematics." I am providing a link to a book on the subject.

A number of professors and teachers sometimes use information from the Pro Football Hall of Fame and from the Bleacher Report to inspire and educate people about the power, beauty, spirit and rich content of football and other sports.

The potential of Bleacher Report for education, entertainment and enrichment is vast.

My presence on the webpage is a way of demonstrating the power of research and preparation, coupled with the  courage to exercise free expression in a public forum.

More professors are invited to join this mission.

One result from this effort could be a better informed public regarding the application and depth of content in football and other sports.

It is with this awareness that I constantly research and write diverse articles, appealing, I conjecture, to a diverse readership.


The Article - Revisited

It may surprise you to learn that the Oakland Raiders may need a lesson in football physics. There are examples of lessons that may enhance the players understanding of the object that spins, rotates, and glides through a substance called air.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a football, you are thinking.

Looking high and low for solutions to improve the performance of the Oakland Raiders is a serious matter for some of us fans and researchers.

Here are a few lessons. Thanks to Dr. Tim Gay, a physicist, there is a lot to be learned about the physics of a moving object called a prolate spheroid which many folks handle and cherish yet do not fully understan...

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