Oakland Raiders Need Early Alert and Inspiration for 2011

Do you need some fresh fruit in your life, Raider Nation? What about a few more victories in 2011 for the Oakland Raiders?

So much time and attention is being spent on selecting the right combination of talent for the Raiders. The expectation, once this selection process is complete, is more victories, an increase in rankings in all categories, and any other sweet outcomes we can garner this year.

Improvements were evident in 2010, we just want the rate of improvement to increase. One former Oakland Raider said on Feb. 28, "An 11-5 would be okay, but 12-4 would be better for 2011." That's a good thought.

The beautiful fruit known as the pomegranate once grew in the Fifth Ward in Houston, Texas. No doubt these trees were planted by early immigrants from the Middle East. During my childhood, my friends and I would jump up and grab those gorgeous fruits and crack them open to smell and consume the juicy seeds.

We would sit "Indian style" under the tree and chew the seeds to get the sweet juice. It was symbolic of the preparation and pressure that is needed to develop a situation to a higher level of excellence.

Today is another day of thinking about what could possibly change the course of events for the Oakland Raiders. One friend named Moses reminded me that we are getting close to Passover season in 2011, and so I started doing research this morning.

Here is what I found, and it certainly is an interesting fact:

"Interestingly, the Hebrew word for Egypt is Mitzrayim (or Mizrayim), and means either 'constriction' or 'narrow straits.' This is in reference to the Hebrews being in a state of constriction while toiling as slaves in the land of Goshen, an area of ancient Egypt. As slaves, the Hebrews were building cities such as Pithom and Ra'amses [not to be confused with the Pharaoh (King) Ramses] which were used as supply centers for the Pharaohs of Egypt."


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