Oakland Raiders: Most Important X-Factor at Each Offensive Position Group

It's been an annual conversation for years. But this time, there's some real substance to the notion that the Oakland Raiders might have finally turned the corner back to success.

Each position group on the roster is improved. But each position group also has a question mark, a key role that needs to be filled.

While they might not be the biggest names, each of these players will have an important job to do this upcoming season. And how well they perform will have a major impact not only on that position group, but on the team as a whole.

The Raiders will need major contributions from some unheralded players in 2015. If these players come through, the Raiders will be in prime position to return to NFL relevance.

For those of you wondering about the absence of a fullback, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Caplan tweeted back in March that the Raiders "are not expected to use a FB this season. More of an H-back, or F-Back, in addition to TEs." Given the elimination of the position in Oakland, it hasn't been included on this list.

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