Oakland Raiders Mock Draft: Predictions for Rounds 3-6

By now the Raider Nation is growing tired of hearing about the "new era." There has been a lot of talk about new general manager Reggie McKenzie and how he is doing things differently, but there has been a surprising lack of talk about what hasn't changed.

McKenzie hasn't fired any scouts. There is speculation that a house cleaning is in order after the draft, but that might be a bit premature.

Surely McKenzie is evaluating his scouts, but he has to be mindful that the Raiders' struggles of the past few years might have everything or nothing to do with the existing scouting staff.

McKenzie can't possibly do everything alone; he needs a supportive staff to put his plans in motion. He has to rely on others in the scouting department to put together reports and turn his attention towards a diamond in the rough or an undervalued player to investigate further.

Everyone is trying to impress the new boss, but there can also be a genuine good vibe in the building. No matter what you thought of Al Davis, change can still be good. Change kills complacency. 

The Raiders have actually had a nice string of drafts since the JaMarcus Russell debacle draft of 2007. 

We'll take a look back at the past four drafts and see which players were drafted in the later rounds and identify similar prospects that could be on the Raiders' radar. 

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