Oakland Raiders Mock Draft: B/R Community Top 100 and 7-Round Results

The talented NFL writers of Bleacher Report were asked to put their general manager hats on for the teams they cover on a regular basis.

Every pick from No.1 to No. 100 was picked in real draft order without the element of trade involved. Yours truly played the role of Reggie McKenzie for the Oakland Raiders in a community-style mock draft for the first three selections.

As for Rounds 4 to 7, each honorary GM was able to select any of the available players who best fit his or her team in a vacuum. In other words, picks beyond the top 100 had no connection with another team's pick. However, each selection was a realistic choice based on draft projections.

Without further ado, here's B/R’s official community top 100 and the Raiders' complete mock draft.

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