Oakland Raiders Make the Correct Head Coaching Move: Hue Jackson Is a Winner

Many in the media and otherwise love to credit Tom Cable for the turnaround with the Oakland Raiders. They say "he got the shaft" or "Al Davis is crazy (again) for firing a coach that led them to their best season in 7 years.

But when you look at a football team that improves, you have to look at what about that team improved to cause it. Tom Cable was the same guy that coached the team the previous too seasons with double digit losses.

Isn't he the same guy that Davis stripped of play calling duties.

Did the offensive line that Cable is known for play well?

Does Cable even have a system of Xs and Os?

How about his judgement of talent?

Was the Raider's season an accident because Cable's win-less starting quarterback got hurt?

The Raiders went defense with the first two draft picks in 2010 but the run defense was still No. 25. The Raiders have always had a top 10 pass defense with a couple of off years so no change there.

Jason Campbell came to Raider Nation and went 7-4 but he is a player.

Offensive coordinator Hue Jackson and Defensive coordinator were the most notable changes to the Raider coaching staff in 2010. The Raiders didn't win games on defense so that rules Marshall out.

That leaves Jackson as the answer.

Turn the page to see why.

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