Oakland Raiders: Looking Toward the 2011-2012 NFL Season

Last offseason, the vibe coming out of Raider Nation was very, very good. Most, if not all, saw the improvement that Al Davis and his Oakland Raiders had made. They'd taken enormous steps, including the release of former first overall pick JaMarcus Russell.

This offseason is a bit different.

Fearful, yet confident would be best to describe the current state of Raider fans. On one hand, the Raiders have a ton of free agents that need to be re-signed and also have holes along the offensive line. Add that to the fact that Al and co. have no first-round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, and Oakland, we have a problem.

But on the other hand, your very own Raider Nation has faith in Al Davis, and the fact that Oakland's free agents may be a bit more willing to re-sign than in the past.

My take? This will be a a solid and productive offseason.

Free agents will re-sign and we'll add some solid players to the offensive line, along with a splash (Chad Ochocinco) from another team. We might even see Champ Bailey donning the Silver and Black in 2011 as a safety.

It's my true belief that Hue Jackson will solidify the head coaching position for the next half decade and beyond.

Plus, the Raiders will have a solid draft. It'll add maybe two starters. Look for Mr. Davis to make a deal for Oakland to get into the first round.

In the regular season, a hopefully injury-free Raiders will ride an easier-than-the-Chiefs-and-Chargers schedule to the playoffs. Oakland's schedule reads, in no particular order:

Home Away New England-L
Miami-W NY Jets-W
Buffalo-W Cleveland-W
Houston-W Chicago-W Green Bay-L
Detroit-W Minnesota-L Denver-W Denver-W Kansas City-W Kansas City-W San Diego-W San Diego-L  

You might be thinking, "SERIOUSLY?" But follow me for a second. The Jets aren't built to beat the Raiders, their offense has virtually...

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