Oakland Raiders Logo Gives a Message For 2011: Al Davis’s Wisdom Is Evident

A cup with the Oakland Raiders logo was set upon a desk in a college classroom. Students began to tell the professor what they saw.

Here are some of the responses:

One student said he saw a depressed man. A student said he saw a very aggressive man. Another student said he saw a man who had been beheaded. Another student said he saw a strong warrior. A student saw a shield. And the perceptions went on and on.

An article about the logo was read to them. The idea was to inspire them to see deeply, as different people can sometimes see different things in artwork.

We see the Oakland Raiders logo differently from others because what we see is often related to the experiences that each of us have.

Then, the students were told what the professor saw.

The professor saw the following:

A helmet. Two swords. A head. A face. A patch. A shield. Possibly more symbols.

The other symbols the professor saw were:

Alef. Dalet. Continuity. Openness. Two double-edged swords. Increased ability of the other senses when compared to the patched eye. A paradox in the finite and infinite represented by alef (similar to an A). Selflessness represented by dalet (similar to a D).  

More Insight

Later, after a Calculus II student participated in the exercise, the student said, in so many words:

"My optometrist told me that the pirate covered one eye not because he was blind in it or he had lost the eye, rather by covering one eye, the other eye focuses quickly and adjusts for better night vision.

"This was done so that the pirate would be ready for war even if it occurred at night."

I thought: This is profound.

No other logo in the NFL has a design that is loaded with various symbols inspiring so many interpretations. How smart must the designer of the logo have been? How brilliant for Al...

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