Oakland Raiders: Lockout, Locked In, Locked Down, but Not Locked Up

Yes, I have been reading articles about the lockout. Surely, some folks are uneasy with the process of getting clarity and equity in the affairs of the NFL.

One thing that must be emphasized is that the players are still accountable for their personal conduct during the offseason. If violations occur, they are still subject to penalities or fines. So, the NFL players and our beloved Oakland Raiders are locked in to a code of ethics and behavior that must be adhered to.

Now, so much depends on the successful negotiations during this lockout. So, in anticipation of the outcome of the NFL lockout, some players are probably locked down with doubts and fears about the starting date of the season and other matters to be decided.

Since this lockout, it is the responsibility of the professional athletes to continue to workout and to keep in shape in preparation for the 2011 season. Although many are young, let's hope that they stay the course and don't do anything that would jeopardize their mental and physical well-being.

In other words, let's hope that no unusual circumstances hinder them from getting back to the playing field in good shape.

Over the years I have heard of some terrible offseason situations. One such situation is that a player went to his hometown and decided to go to a club with his brothers. His mother had intuition and she asked him to stay away from the “juke joint” in the small town. He did not listen.

A woman who had attended high school with the NFL player was attracted to his Cadillac and fine clothes. He was a good-looking dude, and he had a swagger. He was a strong, proud man and he had decided to not affiliate himself with the woman since her status had slipped down over the years.

She went to his brother while all of them were in the juke joint. She asked his older brother, “How would you feel if someone got stabbed?” He did not...

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