Oakland Raiders: Letter and Petition to Examine Reasons for Hue Jackson’s Firing

Here I go again. I did a little research. Here is what I discovered, and it may be relevant.

Hypothetically, if Reggie McKenzie had been hired as GM with the Green Bay Packers in 2006, would he have fired Mike McCarthy? McKenzie did work for the Packers from 1994 to 2012, but he probably did not have the power to fire McCarthy in 2006.

The reason I asked this question is because McCarthy had an 8-8 record at the end of his first year as head coach for the Packers. Note that 2006 was the first year McCarthy was head coach. Somehow, the decision-makers were patient with him. The data is posted below.

It took about five years for the Packers to become Super Bowl champions under the coaching of McCarthy. McCarthy's record was not monotonic. In his third year, his numbers dropped down to a 6-10, although the previous year, it was 13-3. In his third year, McCarthy's win percentage was only.375.

Jackson's percentage is .500.

Is it possible, I conjecture, that if McKenzie were in charge in 2006, he would have released McCarthy and thereby truncated the potential of the Packers reaching the status they have in 2011.

I believe that some deeper issues must have prompted the firing of Hue Jackson. Jackson did make some progress. It may not have been dramatic and exponential progress, as most folks do want to see rapid changes. Nevertheless, it was "some" progress.

I hope McKenzie did not come into the situation and make a "power play" to demonstrate that he is the MAN. How tragic this would be if egos are involved rather than thinking about the best interest of the team.

Again, time will tell.

There is an old saying that "If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword."

I want the best for McKenzie because I and many, many others in the Raider Nation want the best for the Oakland Raiders so as to fill in the gap in the continuum in the legacy that Al Davis worked ...

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