Oakland Raiders: Lessons from Kwanzaa To Defeat Kansas City Chiefs

Self-determination is a powerful concept. It tells us to define ourselves and to not let others, including the media, define the destiny of the Oakland Raiders.

Purpose is important. It looks like the Oakland Raiders have a new found purpose in 2010. The purpose drove them to more victories with pathos and passion. Nia means purpose and it is a principle of Kwanzaa.

Some of the plays and moves on the field were creative and deceptive. Several opponents went away surprised at the drive and determination of the Oakland Raiders in 2010. Kuumba means creativity. The Oakland Raiders need a larger dose of creativity on the playing field.

Imani is a principle of Kwanzaa. It means faith.

The Oakland Raiders built up faith in each other and they started playing effectively, to some extent, as a team in 2010. Their performance stood out and excelled the achievements of the past seven years.

A team that loves their coach and responds to their coach can surely develop into a great team. A team who has faith in their coach can do phenomenal things on the playing field.

Since Tom Cable reportedly rallies a high spirit among the players, it is to be respected while also respecting his support team with the technical know-how to execute the vision of the head coach.

Looking at patterns in 2008, 2009 and 2010, in part, we can make an interesting observation.

2010 L L W L W L ? 2009 W L W L W L L 2008 L W L L L W W  



1. For the last five games of the season, there is a pattern: WLWLL in 2009.

2. If the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, the exact same pattern will be on record for the last five games in 2010.

3. In fact, if the Oakland Raiders do not defeat the Kansas City Chiefs, then the pattern for wins and losses will be identical to that of 2009 for the last six gam...

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