Oakland Raiders: Is the Raider Nation Tortured by the News Leaks on NFL Lockout

It seems that some folk think that the NFL lockout will be over and settled in about two weeks. This news leak could be a teaser, or even better, a bit of torture.

Since this is the first day of summer according to the news, it just makes sense to resolve and solve the NFL lockout issues. It's almost certain that some of the players have not stayed on course and trained with the intensity they would have had without the lockout.

Others, some of us believe, worked out and focused so that they would be able to give optimal performance on the playing field.

When I heard that Jacoby Ford may have been a part of a questionable activity, I thought about the fact that these high energy, talented players are probably eager to get to see their coaches and to get the advice and  guidance that they need to establish more winning patterns.

Head Coach Hue Jackson must construct new patterns in performance on the playing field.

Constructing a winning pattern in NFL football is primarily the responsibility of the coaches and their playbook. Implementing the constructed winning patterns is going to be tied to the integrity of each player on the Oakland Raiders team.

If a player says he can do the job, we expect him to do it, and to do it well. Let's call that concept player integrity.

If for example, Jason Campbell is the starting quarterback, then we expect him to show marked improvement very early in the preseason and regular season.

That's a reasonable expectation. Player integrity must be high in 2011. The Oakland Raiders moved forward in 2010, so we expect them to move even further toward marked improvement. In other words, there is no turning back or falling back. Up, Up and away, moving toward more touchdowns and victories is what the Raider Nation wants.

Go Raiders!

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