Oakland Raiders: Immediate 53-Man Roster-Cut Predictions Post-Win

With the preseason having concluded, the Oakland Raiders have until Saturday to pare the roster down to 53 players. Some of the cuts are obvious, but there are several that will remain a mystery until the team's official announcement.

Oakland's roster underwent a massive rebuild this past offseason, which meant that almost every spot on the roster was there for the taking. Whether it was for a starting spot or for depth, there were a lot of players on the Raiders' roster who were not only playing for a roster spot but also for substantial playing time.

Different players came in with different levels of expectations. Some, such as Greg Little, were looked at as possibly becoming major factors for the team. Others, such as rookie T.J. Carrie, were intriguing prospects, but the team was more interested in whether he could actually play in the NFL than if he could actually contribute this season.

After training camp and a full preseason, every player on the roster has had the opportunity to earn a roster spot. The official cuts won't be known until Saturday, but there's enough of a sample to predict which direction the Raiders will go at every position.

Here's the likely 53-man roster that'll begin the 2014 NFL season.

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