Oakland Raiders: How Their 2nd-Round Pick Could Help Get Them to the Playoffs

Despite not having a first -round pick, the OaklandRaiders still have the opportunity to vastly improve on the team that went undefeated in the AFC West last season.

Unlike in years past, the Raiders only have a few glaring holes that need to be addressed this offseason. Every team has room to improve, but in past seasons the Raiders had so many problems, it was hard to decide what was the most important and needed to be addressed first.

This year, the Raiders only have two areas that are in desperate need of upgrades, offensive line and cornerback. One of those areas could still be eliminated if they re-sign Nnamdi Asomugha, but since they were unable to do so before the lockout, the Raiders should consider it a hole that needs to be addressed in the draft, and without Nnamdi, it's a big one.

Luckily for the Raiders, their first pick, in the second round, provides them with good options to address either of their two primary needs.

Should cornerback Jimmy Smith fall to the 48th pick, the Raiders could very well have found their replacement for Nnamdi Asomugha. Jimmy Smith is first round talent who might drop to the Raiders due to off field concerns which

At 6'2", Smith has good size, and just like Asomugha, he has the rare combination of size and elite speed with a 4.42 40-time. In addition, some of Smith's best skills are in man coverage, making him an excellent fit for the Raiders style of defense where he would often find himself out on an island.

However, with other cornerbacks available in later rounds and the possibility of re-signing Asomugha, the Raiders could very well decide to address their biggest need at offensive line.

With the exception of Jared Veldheer, the Raiders will be looking for upgrades across the offensive line but the middle of the line is in the most need and there are options at the 48th pick to fill that need.

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