Oakland Raiders: How the Raiders Can Win Double-Digit Games This Season

After watching the Oakland Raiders through their first four games, it seems pretty illogical to say they can win 10 games. However, there are odds in their favor to make this happen. At face value, the Raiders could fall very short of that goal; but any given Sunday has been the biggest custom of the NFL.

Oakland is coming off a bye at the perfect time, and the team has nowhere to go but up. The Raiders have some very winnable games on their schedule, as well as some trap games for their opponents.

Though the team has looked horrible through five weeks, the Raiders still have some positive things to look forward to. They will have their two best receivers back in the lineup on Sunday, and Darren McFadden will try to find his successful ways against a team that is giving up 143 yards per game on the ground.

All it takes is one upset to spark their season, and the Raiders have some favorable matchups to help them along the way. Though it may be a stretch, 10 wins is still a possibility.

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