Oakland Raiders: How Each of the Raiders’ Rookies Will Fare in 2011-12

Recent drafting by the Oakland Raiders has been sort of an enigma. 

They are all across the board when it comes to rookie production, with players like Michael Huff and Jamarcus Russell never showing up (literally in regards to Russell), players like Darren McFadden not showing his worth for a while and players like Robert Gallery having to move positions because he wasn't good enough for the one the Raiders drafted him for.

Despite this, the Raiders have, of late, been much more successful in the draft, especially finding value players in the late rounds.

This year hopes to follow suit, as the Raiders didn't have a first-round pick (you know why), so they had to find value in other rounds.

Let's take a look at how each rookie will fare in his rookie season, pick by pick.

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