Oakland Raiders: How Al Davis’ Last Dozen First-Round Draft Picks Have Fared

Late Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis took plenty of criticism throughout the years over his first-round draft picks, but in hindsight, they haven't been all that bad.

It was in Davis' later years that he came under heavy fire—questioned for his decisions. As he grew older, his signing and drafting of talent became more and more scrutinized.

Each year, football fans across the nation eagerly waited in anticipation to see which player crazy old Al Davis would "waste" a first-round pick on.

This year, the franchise participated in its first draft without Davis as general manager and/or owner in over 40 years. With the 95th pick in the third round, the Raiders selected guard Tony Bergstrom.

How will new Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie's first pick fare against Davis' last dozen?

Here's a look at Oakland's first picks since 2000. You be the judge as to whether Davis was fairly criticized for choosing them.

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