Oakland Raiders’ Help Is on the Way: ‘Hosanna’ To Overcome Lockout and Blackouts

If you put things in a larger context, you realize that not only is the NFL struggling with complex issues, our entire Nation is struggling with budget issues, trying to answer the question of who will be cut and who will be paid.  Work stoppages and threats to shutdown the government are calls for "help."

On this day, it reminds us of the period in history preceding the greatest help that has come to mankind. As we continue to experience the conversations about the pros and cons of the NFL lockout, I just believe that someone out there is calling out for "help."

All NFL players are not millionaires. Some NFL players may be very uncertain with the process and decisions of the lockout.

Here are links to explain the impact of the NFL lockouts.

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The city of Oakland needs help and a productive Oakland Raiders' 2011 season can help the economy of the area.

Some of us, on this Sunday, are shouting "Hosanna." It is a plea for help.

Some players are going to suffer from the losses caused by a lockout that lasts too long.

Others will not have health benefits for their children and families, according to one article.

It's time to accelerate the pursuit of a resolve to the many issues. Let's cry out for help.

For those who know the meaning of this Sunday, let's shout, "Hosanna, help the NFL, and help America."


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