Oakland Raiders: Grading the Strength of Every Position Unit at Start of Camp

The Oakland Raiders put their roster through a massive overhaul this offseason, and there isn't a single area of the roster that hasn't experienced major changes.

The biggest change is the level of talent. The Raiders have gone through the last two seasons with a succession of temporary fixes, while Reggie McKenzie attempted to get the team's finances in order. This offseason was the first under McKenzie in which Oakland could actually afford more talented signings.

Each position has been graded based on the level of success the unit is expected to have this upcoming season, given the quality of the current personnel. Each unit has also been graded on its potential ceiling: If each member of that position group plays to his potential, how good can that unit actually be?

We don't yet know what the results of all of these additions will be, but we do know that the 2014 Raiders will be a much more talented team. The only question now is how these additions will affect the team's on-field performance.

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