Oakland Raiders Go Back to Old Identity with New Coaching Hires

Successful football franchises have an identity to base their schemes, coaches and players on. Super Bowl champion and perennial contender Baltimore Ravens have had their model set for years now. 

After the 2002 Super Bowl team, it took deceased Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis a while to set his model. But he was finally able to set it in 2010, and the Raiders were going in the right direction. 

Then came the death of Davis in 2011, and Mark Davis took over his father's team. He would then turn to first-time GM Reggie McKenzie, who would turn to first-time head coach Dennis Allen to set their model.

Davis (Al) was a guy who liked huge men to power-run behind and fast men for his vertical passing game. Hue Jackson, whom Al Saunders mentored in Baltimore, brought that to Raider Nation as the offensive coordinator and was promoted to head coach for it.

Raiders fans then got a chance to enjoy some exciting football for two seasons even though the Raiders were just .500 during that time. But then, like I stated a few articles ago, the new regime came in and started fixing things that weren't broken while trying to create a new identity.

But now, the regime knows they made mistakes, as their vision didn't match personnel already there. So after a season of regression, the new regime has fired four coaches from the 2012 staff.   

During Senior Bowl week, the Raiders replaced all the coaches to complete their staff. Turn the page to see how the new coaches mixed with the remaining coaches brings back the team's traditional identity.  

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