Oakland Raiders: Get Up, Get Dressed and Go to Battle on the Gridiron

"Stay the course" is a phrase I heard former Coach Tom Cable use in one of his media interviews. It has prompted me to think about striving and pressing toward a goal or a mark in the NFL. Even though Tom Cable is gone, we have to admit something was learned from him, although the rate of progress was not sufficient.

Our hope is that Hue Jackson will be able to build on the progress that was made in 2010. We look forward. We move on.

Since I left Washington, DC a few weeks ago and was flooded with the international news of a strategic move of the part of United States, it triggered my mind to compare the mentality of war in life, with war on the NFL gridiron.

Both confrontations required a certain type of discipline and focus, matched with knowledge about the opponent. It may have taken nearly 10 years for a recent feat in the international situation, but let's hope it does not take as long to overcome the opponents of the Oakland Raiders.

If, in fact, each team in the NFL is unique, then the Oakland Raiders are unique. Uniqueness defies comparability. In other words, the quality of uniqueness can not be compared to any other team.

Hue Jackson has openly declared he wants players who are capable of being bullies and this means he wants hard-hitting, tough, smart, guys who are successful in their football strategies. He wants a go-getter attitude with the courage to invade the opponent's territory and score touchdowns.

If compared, then the comparison determines who is above or below another team. In fact, the uniqueness of the Oakland Raiders guarantees there is a quality that they have that no other team has. Now, who can determine that "unique" factor? Seriously, tell us what you think.

Those unique factors are intangibles which are not easily measured.

The uniqueness of the Oakland Raiders is like a composite DNA of the team. This makes sense because each pla...

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