Oakland Raiders Free Agency: Updated Potential Signings, Rumors and Storylines

The countdown to the opening of the free-agent market has become so highly anticipated in the last couple weeks, it almost deems that epic music be blared over the sports world airwaves the second the market opens at 4 p.m. ET Tuesday.

An actual epic song—not The Final Countdown. That song’s obnoxious.

It would have to be a super fast and aggressive tune, probably a speed metal track. It would be a song that symbolizes the insane vibe fueled by media frenzy and the unanswered questions of which players will stay and which are off to new teams.

And the Oakland Raiders, with all the offseason changes that have already occurred, are certainly no strangers to that crazy vibe.

With new managerial and coaching staff, the insane burden of the salary cap, the last-minute release of players and the reconfiguration of contracts, it might seem like anything could happen to the Silver and Black and all its players in the months that to come.

Here’s a look at some potential signings, rumors and storylines that could become reality after the opening of the free-agent market:

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