Oakland Raiders Free Agency: The 11 Best Signings in Raiders History

The Oakland Raiders have a long and successful history, but one thing that may be surprising is that many of the Raider greats were not signed as free agents.

As fans get impatient with the 2012 version of free agency, it's important to remember that the real gems in free agency are rarely high-profile.

In fact, only one or two of the players on this list were a "big name" and many were in the twilight of their careers. 

I've come up with a few arbitrary qualifiers and I hope doing so adds a little bit of objectivity to an otherwise subjective list.

The qualifications are:

1. Signed as a free agent;

2. On Raiders for at least two full seasons;

3. At least one season with an approximate value (AV) above 10. AV is a way of comparing seasons and positions to each other and was developed by pro-football-reference.com.

Let's see who made the cut...

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