Oakland Raiders Free Agency: Raiders Re-Sign Matt Giordano

While I haven't updated in a while, fear not Raider Nation, I'm still following the every move of the Raiders.

Now, to get down to business, the Raiders made a move I hoped they would for a long time by re-signing safety Matt Giordano. Giordano, whose return was fairly uncertain at the beginning of the offseason given the Raiders' restricted amount of cap room, was a standout last year, leading the Raiders defense with 70 tackles, five interceptions, and one sack.

I'd say he was probably the second-most surprising player to "show up" for Oakland last year, only behind Denarius Moore. While he is still fairly under the radar, he is a very solid player I am glad is returning to help shore up a still somewhat shaky secondary.

I expect to see Giordano get good time at (or even compete for the starting job) at free safety, all depending on how well Michael Huff looks, or based upon the progression of Mike Mitchell.


Stay tuned for more updates on the draft, the schedule release, and any other news! 

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