Oakland Raiders Driving a Hard Line on Cap Spending and Restructuring

Throughout the early 2000s and beyond, the Oakland Raiders often divulged in giving huge contracts to players who were sometimes not of an even caliber—be it talent, morale or logic wise.

However, as the Reggie Mckenzie and Dennis Allen regime begins their direction of the Raiders, it has been made very clear that frugality is the new mantra of the Raiders. The first victim of the "Great Raider Purge" was CB Stanford Routt, who had signed a massive three-year, $31 million contract with Oakland just a year prior. Routt was one of the most penalized DBs in the league and did an OK job; however, nowhere near a three-year, $31 million dollars-worth job.

The next two to be ousted from Oakland were two more members of the secondary CB Chris Johnson and FS Hiram Eugene. Both cuts were expected, due to their injury plagued 2011 campaigns. Next in line were Kevin Boss (TE), Cooper Carlisle (RG) and John Henderson (DT) who were all cut within a day in order to give the Raiders some free agency breathing room. The latest cut, LB Kamerion Wimbley, was also made for salary cap reasons.

While all this may sound like I was somewhat unhappy with the cuts, I am actually thrilled. Mckenzie has managed to right the ship in Oakland, and overhaul a cap nightmare he inherited. However it also sets an interesting tone for the future. While many players were willing to take a pay cut, and supported Mckenzie, it may also be seen as a warning to other players on the team who hold a less commanding salary, but still could be considered overpaid in the eyes of the GM based on their production in 2012. Keep an eye out for for more possible cuts in the future, since it appears very few are safe based on how much money was thrown at them in the past.

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