Oakland Raiders: Dream On, Challenge the Steelers and Packers in the Future

My daily routine includes researching NFL data and writing an article if the inspiration hits me.

This morning I had to write because I realize that some of us are destined to reflect on what is and what can be in our lives and in the lives of the Oakland Raiders and Raider Nation.

As I witnessed the unrest in Cairo, Egypt, and remembered when I visited there a few years ago as part of President Bill Clinton's entourage in August 2000, I realize how our love for the NFL and sports help relieve the tension of the times we are living in.

We carry the name Raider Nation with pride. It symbolizes a micro-America with much diversity, passion, inventiveness and innovation. We can be inventive, scary, strong, screwd, scholarly, shocking and even sober. One thing is certain: We believe in a commitment to excellence.

That is, indeed, a high call.

Let's dream on and think about the shocking outcomes of the games to be played in 2011. We believe that the Oakland Raiders are going to scare their most "formidable" opponents. Actually, no opponent strikes fear in the Oakland Raiders, but the media usually has another slant on this issue.

Let's talk, for example, about the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A global comparison is presented to help us gain focus on who we are and where we are headed. Let's dream on, and then wake up to experience a victorious future.

Here is a partial list of NFL data on the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders. It is a record of wins for each team for the seasons spanning 1990 to 2010.

Steelers Raiders     9 12 3 excellent 7 9 2 excellent 11 7 -4 poor 9 10 1 excellent 12 9 -3 fair 11 8 -3 fair 10 7 -3 fair 11 4 -7 poor 7 8 1 excellent 6 8 2 excellent 9 12 3 excellent 13 10 -3 fair 10 11 1 excellent 6 4 -2 fair 15 5 -10 poor 11 4 -7 poor 8 2 -6 poor 10 4 -6 poor ...

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