Oakland Raiders: Discussing Jason Campbell and The Definition Of Elite

Before I get into the body of this article I want to mention its purpose, which is to spark a discussion.  To some that may be a cheap way to rack up comments. but at least I am being honest about it.

Almost immediately after the 2010 season, I wrote an article entitled, "Is It Really A Stretch To Say Jason Campbell Can Be Elite?"  In that article I stated why, in my opinion, Jason Campbell could in fact be an elite quarterback.  I received some quality comments in agreement and disagreement.  What I didn't expect was the amount of negative comments.

Never in that article did I say Jason Campbell was an elite quarterback.  Never in that article did I say that he would become an elite quarterback.  I only stated my opinion, and some brief evidence as to why it was possible for Campbell to be elite.

Not only do I stand by my opinion, but I stand by that article.

Recently, featured columnist Elias Trejo created a well-executed slideshow stating his opinion as to why he felt Jason Campbell could in fact be elite.

The comments in both articles shared one common thought—Jason Campbell won't ever be elite, but could become a great game manager.

That raised the question in my mind—what is the definition of elite?

Let me admit, I hate the term "game manager".  I think every quarterback in the National Football League manages the game.  I think an elite quarterback executes his offense at a high level on a consistent basis.

When we mention the elite quarterbacks now, we are talking about quarterbacks on teams with very high pass attempts.  The Raiders will never be an offense like that.

So what of Jason Campbell? 

Let's first talk about the Oakland Raiders' style of offense.

The Raiders will always and forever have a strong running game.  Whether we have Darren McFadden, Mich...

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