Oakland Raiders: Despite 1-3 Start, the Raiders Could Get Hot Down the Stretch

That title might seem like rose colored glasses to some people, but consider this.  Around this time a year ago, the Raiders looked like a traveling circus, and by that I mean, the freak show.

They were getting pummeled.  And I wrote articles that reflected my ire.

Despite the 1-3 start this year however, the Raiders are still doing well in the "eye test."  The numbers might not be spectacular, but when you watch the game, the Raiders are clearly a different team.

The Raiders thus far remind me of the Cincinnati Bengals in 2003.

That year marks the end of what was a long drought for the Bengals, as could 2010 for the Raiders.

The quarterback steward, Jon Kitna, came in and provided some life for Bengals, as has Bruce Gradkowski for the Raiders.  The Bengals started 1-4 that year and finished the season at 8-8, yet the Bengals lost a few games that they should have won.

One such game was in week 2 against the Raiders, 20-23.

The Bengals for the most part, had outplayed the Raiders that day.  Ironically, the Raiders would win at the end with a field goal by none other than Sebastian Janikowski.

I don't know why, but that is one of those games that sticks in my mind.  In fact, I remember what I was doing that day.  Yes, it is kinda like Rain Man.  Perhaps, it is because I subconsciously concluded that that day was the beginning of the Era of Stink for the Raiders.


Slow and Steady


Regardless of that, the Raiders need to take the "slow and steady" approach and not do things that can result in serious injuries. 

Quarterback Bruce Gradkowski (shoulder) and tailback Darren McFadden (hamstring) both had injuries against the Texans in Sunday's loss, 24-31.

The status of both is still technically unknown, but Gradkowski expects to start against San Dieg...

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